About us

A focused team with dedication and passion

edorasware, headquartered in Switzerland, enables the digital transformation of business processes. We provide innovative products in business process management (BPM) and adaptive case management (ACM).

Our passion is to develop an integrated, flexible, extensible and powerful platform to use in all kinds of industries.

Based on the long-term experience from both customer projects and product development in the BPM domain, edorasware provides world-class BPM products with a strong emphasis on human-centric workflow. In cooperation with a worldwide network of partners, edorasware is dedicated to enable customers to organize their work through the fusion of BPM, ACM and ECM.

edorasware was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from mimacom ag.

Management Team

edorasware ribbon

Kurt Amacher

Founder, Chairman

edorasware CEO Micha Kiener

Micha Kiener

Founder, CTO

edorasware CEO Jürg Graf

Jürg Graf



Paul Holmes-Higgin

Chief Product Officer

edorasware head marketing & sales Michael Gantenbein

Michael Gantenbein

VP of Operations

edorasware Head of Solutions and Delivery

Bernhard Gallati

VP of Customer Services