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edoras one Initializr – ramp up your project in 2 minutes

edoras one is a highly versatile product and it can be used in many different ways. Some users utilize it simply as an out-of-the-box case management design and run tool. For others, edoras one is also a framework that allows them to implement customized functionalities and interfaces. For them, setting up a code project based on edoras one with all the necessary dependencies and configuration options was really difficult – at least until now… edoras one starter is a library that allows you to integrate edoras one into your Maven or Gradle web project with minimal effort. Additionally, it provides
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Edorasware continues to expand its internationalization in the Spanish market

  Zurich, July 2017 – edorasware announced the expansion of its Spanish business,, in Valencia as part of its internationalization strategy. Edorasware is investing in additional staff and in new product technologies at this location to strengthen its position in the Spanish market, as well as to continue its global growth strategy. With over 30 employees already in Spain with a wide experience across major business areas and deep knowledge in business process management, edorasware is in an excellent position to benefit from the new opportunities opening up in a number of Spanish business sectors.   As previously reported,
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