Automate your work

Digitalisation in perfection

edoras one is a case and process management suite that enables you to start automating your business small and quickly at low cost.

The suite supports improvement and growth of the solution with built-in idea management. edoras one will scale with your requirements from a single user, no-installation cloud version to a full-blown enterprise BPM and Case Management platform embedded in a complex business application landscape

Optimize recurring work

The second time you create the same task? A series of tasks that occur frequently? The same email or document template being used over and over again?

Optimize your recurring work by adding templates, workflows and forms to support your processes.

Start small, get feedback and improve

Already get an added value by using ad-hoc work items, get feedback from users about improvements and adapt your templates and processes in an easy and continuous way.

Only use as much structure as needed

Organize your work in folder-like cases, add structured information to your work items with forms and combine it with unstructured content. Use the built-in search capabilities to find what you want to work with.

Involve everyone in your organization

Not only knowledge workers can benefit from edoras one, involve your business and process people to design processes, create templates and constantly improve the way work gets done in your organization. Show dashboards to your management to observe and monitor open work.

Share, assign, observe work and manage permissions

Turn cases into workspaces by sharing them with your coworkers or even with your customers. Assign tasks, documents and cases and observe the state and progress of your work. Easy permission management let’s you decide who can see and collaborate on work items.

Combine with the applications you already use

Simply click the edit button of your documents and automatically open them in your favorite application (e.g. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc). Simply work within the document and save it in your favorite application, edoras one then automatically saves it as a new version.

Leverage existing models and templates and share yours

Templates, processes and models are combined to apps and you can import existing apps, adapt them to your needs or even share your own apps with others.

Simply start in the Cloud and migrate to on-premise, if needed

Creating an account in the Cloud is all you need to get started. As things evolve and you need integration into your existing IT landscape, just move your work from the Cloud to an on-premise installation.