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Rapidly design, automate and manage business processes in the cloud

IT staff struggle with their ability to enable business at the speed required to realize value quickly. Infrastructure and IT operational support can be a bottleneck towards keeping pace with change when having to rely on internal or on-premises resources.

edoras cloud enables rapid business change. With our cloud solution, enterprises can deploy edorasone, accelerating business objectives while meeting requirements for performance, security and compliance. Paths to business success with edoras cloud can range from predictive application diagnostics, development and testing platform services or leveraging the advantage of having fully managed production cloud environments.

edorasware cloud element
edorasware cloud element
edorasware cloud element
edorasware cloud element

Simplify application delivery

Edoras one platform and applications with private, public and managed cloud services provide ease of deployment to your organization. Designed and supported by edorasware experts and powered by Swisscom.

Faster development and testing

These services are a great way to start a project quickly and continue to evolve your edoras one implementation. Gain the flexibility to update to a fully managed production environment or feel free to move your application on premise into your data center.

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