Concepts for adaptive case management

Adaptive case management and business process management

edoras one comprises a new generation of integrated platform that combines business process management, adaptive case management and content management simply and effectively.

It makes work processes much more economical. Running in the background, the platform guarantees quick access to your content that is relevant for your company’s tasks. To achieve this, edoras one doesn’t rely on a rigid process structure. Instead, it’s based on “design by doing”; each individual user decides how much structure he actually needs and determines for himself which work fragment will help him achieve his task. All process steps have grown “organically” and, as such, are part of natural productivity. That means your company stays well organized in an unstructured world and sustains the dynamics necessary for success.

Easily create your own apps to support your processes, from HR to help desk to production processes, start small, improve as you go and manage your cases, execute your processes and organize your tasks. Collaborate on documents, tasks and cases, get immediate feedback from your employees and continuously improve your processes.

Adaptive Case Management (ACM)

  • Process adaptation according to the context of the case
  • Monitor, update, understand and interpret every piece of works as it is processed
  • Handle complex caseloads in a more efficient and smarter way

Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Design, execute, document, measure, monitor and control business activities and flows
  • Align processes across the enterprise, between departments or whole organizations

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of documents and its content
  • Combine, capture and search documents
  • Combine OCR, digital archiving, document management with your business workflows

Concept of work items

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edoras one organizes everything you do around the concept of work items. No matter whether you create a single task, start a new case or process, or upload a document, everything is a work item and supports a common set of functionality like ownership and assignment, due date and priority.

Forms are used to manage the data associated with work items. Work items can have relations to each other and support hierarchies. The behavior of a work item is driven by its model, which is called a definition.

For instance a process is driven by its definition which is modeled using the modeling standard BPMN 2.0. These models can be designed and configured within the modeler dashboard. An app contains all types of models and configurations to support a specific aspect or area of your organization. An app can be deployed and all of its models become available to drive the behavior of your work items.

Handle complex cases

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The work item type called “case” is key in edoras one as it acts as the main context around a collection of work items and information. Think of a case like a box with a label where you can find everything that you need to work on a particular task.

edorasware case management concept

Support of unstructured and structured processes

Quick and continuous process improvements

Collaboration during the process development and execution