Customer Connect

Make your customer experience more personal and engaging

Customer Connect is a fully customizable platform for delivering chat-based interaction with customers, partners, citizens or employees.  Person-to-person communication can be augmented with case management and business process technology.  Standard procedures that might normally use online forms can be seamlessly integrated into a chat conversation.


Make process personal

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  • Manage many customer conversations
  • Track, nudge and remind
  • Introduce experts and others to a chat
  • Personal guidance through complex procedures
  • Design custom bots by drag & drop
  • Use open standards to model chat processes and cases

Case Management Discipline

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  • The freedom to chat and assist directly
  • Mixed with best practice and procedures
  • Captured for audit and compliance
  • Conversation as Case Management
edoras one modeling of business processes

Named as a “cool” vendor for BPM – by Gartner

Cool Vendors in Business Process Management 2013
Published: 26. April 2013 / edorasware press release