edoras one

Run your business with a comprehensive business process management platform

edoras one is a flexible and adaptive business process management platform built on top of Flowable Core. Manage your work and run your business with a user-friendly interface.  Handle complex cases with our case management enabled solution. Versatile modeling options allow you to design structured and unstructured processes. Last but not least profit from our design-by-doing approach which enables continous and iterative improvement of your processes.

edorasware running business processes

Run your business

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  • Manage structured and unstructured business processes
  • Handle complex workflows with adaptive and dynamic case management
  • Collaborate by dynamically assigning tasks to anybody
  • Combine knowledge, relationships and execute ad-hoc processes
  • Integrate your documents seamlessly into cases and processes

Model your business

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  • Align business processes across your enterprise
  • Create your own apps to manage your work
  • Model your processes with the visual design tools
  • Design forms and views to be used at runtime
  • Design by doing – continuous improvement of your processes
  • Cover your needs with a highly customizable and extensible stencil-set
edoras one modeling of business processes

Named as a “cool” vendor for BPM – by Gartner

Cool Vendors in Business Process Management 2013
Published: 26. April 2013 / edorasware press release