flowable benefits

A compact and efficient open source business processing platform

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Flowable Core provides you with a proven engine to power your business solutions, whether it’s an in-house application or a product or service you provide to your clients.  Its heritage coupled with the support of the team behind it mean you can be rely on it to deliver the BPM capabilities at any scale.  The Flowable BPM engine is lightweight enough to embed in almost any application, while having the performance and horizontal scaling to act as an orchestration service for coordinating microservices in a global digital platform.

For Developers

A rich and easy to use set of REST and Java APIs make it simple to plug Flowable’s engines into your own applications.

Lightweight Java libraries that operate on a range of operating stacks mean you can use Flowable in all kinds of environments.

For IT

Use the Flowable engines as part of your corporate digital platform, orchestrating integrations and microservices.  Softwire solutions for your internal customers to quickly deliver adaptable line of business applications.

For Vendors

If you need BPM capabilities in your own product then Flowable offers simple OEM opportunities to embed its flexibility and power in your offering.  Customize Flowable’s design tooling to your specific needs, embedding them as part of what you can offer to your customers.