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Human-centered work interaction

We first consider user’s skills and the tasks that they perform and then fill in the necessary technological features to support them.

  • Manage work anytime, anywhere  with edoras one’s multi-channel capability
  • Integrate your documents with your workflow and make them searchable
  • Work and stay informed about ongoing activities no matter where you are thanks to edoras one’s SMS & email gateways
  • Access everything using flexible full-text search
  • Involve external users in the workflow too
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Efficient business processing

Let people move from just executing their daily tasks to loving their work.

  • Support both structured and unstructured processes seamlessly
  • Handle complex workflows easily with adaptive and dynamic case management
  • Ensure that your processes are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Collaborate by dynamically assigning tasks to anybody, either inside or outside your organization
  • Combine knowledge and relationships and manage processes ad-hoc
  • Improve your decision-making and make use of your business rules
edoras one business processing case management
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edoras one decision making

Intelligent decision-making

Profit from a flexible decision management system to complement human decision making.

  • Improve your decision-making and make use of your business rules
  • Automate, optimize, and govern repeatable business decisions
  • Create and manage complex business rules that can be shared between workflows and processes
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Effective performance tracking

Track the performance of your business and improve on the go.

  • Track the progress of your business and monitor the status of your workflows
  • Detect bottlenecks in your workflows to pave the way for continuous improvement
  • Use business and technical reports to gain insight into the performance of your workflows
  • Properly track tasks and assign responsibilities to resolve them
edoras one issue tracking

Built on BPMN 2.0™ and CMMN 1.0™ & DMN 1.1™ standards