Solutions Overview

Below an extract of our existing solutions


Client Lifecycle Management

Together with Avaloq we implement powerful customer interaction tools for financial services such as financing.

This will enable operationalise your customer journey, ensure a seamless uninterrupted experience and make your workflow compliant. You can use eodrasone to manage your customer lifecycle.  Onboard your clients and tackle  business, regulatory and technological imperatives.

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Paperless Office

A well known legal insurance service provider drives their internal digital transformation. Their aim is to streamline their internal operations.

If you’re considering the transition to a paperless office – or at least a more paperless office, you may be wondering where to start and what you’ll need. Edorasone supports you to automate your work and reduce administrative efforts. Use it for any kind of internal or external processes.

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Internal workflow optimisations

Haufe uses edorasone to optimise their internal supporting processes in the HR and procurement area.

Workflow optimization is an important way to reduce costs and provide better services. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get them done. In addition, rethinking workflows is a critical part of the process of incorporating new technologies.

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Health product rental

Medelas Business is breastfeeding and breastmilk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies.

Medela has an well established product rental system in place. They use edorasone to manage all their workflows. They are connected to many pharmacies in Switzerland from where the products can be rented.

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B2B service and product provisioning

Swisscom provides B2B provisioning in the cloud powered by edorasone.

An internal cloud based solution ensures a smooth operations of their internal processes to cope with the product demands.

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