Working for edorasware

Cultivating a place where employees love to work

Real growth

At edorasware, we’re committed to creating an environment that’s challenging and fun, but mostly, fulfilling. It starts with creating a culture where opportunities for growth are everywhere, and hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. We promote our top performers and create a supportive environment where our employees are empowered to succeed.

Real culture

Ours is a culture that supports success by focusing on what really matters. Our strong intention is to offer you a comfortable and casual work environment. Of course we work focused and hard, but we also make having fun and enjoying our work a top priority. Because we strongly believe when our employees are happy, everyone is better off.

Real people

We offer opportunities for people who are keen to be part of a dynamic team. Among the most important personal attributes are curiosity, passion, autonomy and creativity. Our intention is to form a team of focused and motivated employees who genuinely get along with each other. It means we’re all on the same page, working together toward a common goal.